Park Out

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Park Out

is a de-congesting car un-jamming game that challenges players to clear parking spaces by carefully maneuvering vehicles without causing collisions. Here’s a detailed overview of the game, how to play, tips and tricks, and developer information:


- Objective: The primary goal is to get all vehicles out of their parking spaces without hitting any obstacles or other cars.
- Increasing Challenges: Each new level introduces different vehicles, obstacles, and more complex parking scenarios that require strategic thinking and spatial awareness.
- Varied Vehicles: Players will encounter a variety of vehicles, from tiny hatchbacks to huge lorries, each presenting unique challenges in terms of movement and space management.

How to Play

1. Start the Game: Launch "Park Out" and select a level to begin.
2. Analyze the Parking Lot: Examine the layout of the parking lot, noting the positions of all vehicles and obstacles.
3. Plan Your Moves: Decide on the best order to move the vehicles to clear a path for each one to exit. Consider the size and maneuverability of each vehicle.
4. Move Vehicles: Click and drag the vehicles to move them out of their parking spaces. Be careful to avoid collisions with other cars or obstacles.
5. Clear the Lot: Successfully navigate all vehicles out of the parking lot to complete the level and advance to the next, more challenging stage.

Tips and Tricks

1. Think Ahead: Plan your moves several steps in advance. Consider the impact of each move on the overall parking lot layout.
2. Use Space Wisely: Utilize available space efficiently to create enough room for maneuvering larger vehicles.
3. Start with Smaller Vehicles: Often, moving smaller cars first can create space for larger vehicles. Prioritize moves that open up more options.
4. Avoid Unnecessary Moves: Try to minimize the number of moves to reduce the chance of mistakes. Efficient movement is key.
5. Stay Patient: Some levels may require multiple attempts to find the optimal solution. Stay patient and keep trying different strategies.


"Park Out" is developed by a team that specializes in creating engaging and challenging puzzle games. Their focus is on providing players with a rewarding and thought-provoking experience that tests their problem-solving skills and spatial awareness.


"Park Out" offers a unique and challenging puzzle experience where players must use their spatial awareness and strategic thinking to de-congest parking lots and navigate vehicles out of tight spots. With increasing difficulty and a variety of vehicles and obstacles, the game provides a satisfying and engaging challenge for puzzle enthusiasts. Ready to test your parking skills and get everyone out of their stuck situations? Dive into "Park Out" and start un-jamming those cars today!



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